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Dear Shiloh Family,     

This week, I have no family saga, real-life metaphors, or grandbaby antics.  Rather, the current newsletter catches the overflow of my hearts’ contents.  I can do nothing but spill out praise and gratitude.

To say the Chest of Joash dedication was a success would be like saying the ocean was large and salty.  It far exceeded expectations, but maybe not in the way some view success.  For this Pastor, it wasn’t about the amount of money nor number of attendees.  To stand up front and see the walls lined with families (members and guests), to watch children excitedly placing envelopes and pledge sheets in the slot, and to experience our entire church worshiping over a giving service was more than my heart could contain.

However, without a doubt, the most touching phase of the service was praying for our church ministries with my entire family and watching other families do the same.  It was just as moving to see the many who participated in the prayer walk.  Many wouldn’t believe me when I say the prayer content was more important than the monetary value.  Money is temporary, but prayer is eternal.

The giving didn’t stop Sunday.  As usual, Monica and her team fed 50 plus men in the Bible study, and Lisa and her new culinary team  “Cooking to Serve” fed 17 families and individuals on Tuesday night.  And all this occurred on the first three days of the week.

Shiloh, it is such a blessing to be a part of such a generous, caring, loving family.  Thank you all for allowing Anita and I to serve with you.  Our prayer is that God richly blesses each of you this year.  We are already hearing wonderful stories of how the Lord has returned and, in some cases, increased the amounts given to the work of our Savior.  You certainly can’t outgive God.

Oh, by the way, through the Joash campaign, you have given over $30,000.00 in one-time offerings, and pledged over $1,600.00 per month towards the principle of our building loan.  Praise the Lord!     

Congratulations!  Braxton and Savanah have a new bundle of joy.  We welcome little Averie Faye Salmon.   

Some folks belong to a church, others are fortunate enough to experience the love of a church family.

God bless you all,
Pastor Derrell